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Coach David Bennett

Collin’s Kids – The David Bennett Foundation was organized in 2006. Its founding members, Coach David Bennett, Mel Bennett, Robyn Bost, and Steve Rabon, agreed that something positive would come from the tragic loss of young Collin Rabon. 

David Bennett shared that on the very morning of Collin’s funeral service, he was inspired “do something”. He wished that the goodness and kindness that Collin displayed in life would continue after losing him. After speaking with Collin’s parents- Robyn and Steve, they all agreed that whatever they did would work to bless the children of Horry County with opportunities that they might not otherwise experience. 

From Coach David Bennett:

“Collin was a unique creature. He was our neighbor and my son Jeb’s best friend. The two boys were together just about every day. I remember this, coming home one day to get ready for football practice. It was raining, I remember Mel sayin’ ‘Alright, everybody out of this house! Go home!’ Sawyer was over there, so many kids. Little Dylan Jenkins was there. She said,’Everybody goes home, except for Collin. Collin can stay.’”

“Collin loved eating hot wings, and he would get ranch all over him. He’d say, ‘You know I am allergic to ranch, but I love it.’ The boy loved chili from Wendy’s in the summer. He wasn’t like your normal kid. He was like an old soul.  One of the coolest things about little Collin was that he didn’t care who he was around; nobody was better than anybody else.

He did not like it when people were mean or said something that they shouldn’t have said; he would be sure to call them out on it. Collin didn’t like people fussin’ at each other, and he didn’t like people using profanity. We had a neighbor, and if he came into The Shed cussin’, or said a word that he shouldn’t say, Collin would walk over there and kinda poke him on his hip and say, ‘Excuse you for your French.’”

Over the last 17 years, stories of Collin have been shared and his life, albeit  short but so full, continues to touch the lives of so many. Collin’s Kids has provided assistance in many ways, from providing beds to handicap accessible vehicles, Christmas gifts and assistance with snacks for summer programs. Through it all; however, Coach Bennett’s mission and goal for the organization remain foremost and constant-”We get to continually honor Collin and assist kids who need help. It’s kind of a win/win. It continues on, and it will continue on.”